Your spa should be exactly that -yours.

When purchasing a custom-built Aspen Spa, you are not just picking out a hot tub or settling for last year’s model, you have the ability to build it, to make it your own.

One of the most unique and luxurious elements of an Aspen Spa is that you can customize it to be exactly what you want. Naturally, you need to start with what size and which seating configuration you prefer and to pick a Series (ES, GS, VS Mountain LX) that fits you. From that point, you have many other options and upgrades to choose from to personalize your spa: From adding a Bluetooth stereo, to powerful volcano foot jets, to remote access to your spa controls via your smartphone, it’s all possible with Aspen Spas.

We want your spa to be perfect for you and your lifestyle. So take your spa to the next level – customize it, build it, enhance your hot tub experience.

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Volcano Jets

Though your volcano jet may be set up in the footwell of your spa, it’s so much more than just a foot jet. Water comes rushing at your calves, knees and hamstrings at an incredible 70 gallons per minute to give you the ultimate undulating massage, and if you’ve got lower back or hip pain, you can even sink down into the footwell to target those areas of your body.

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Each spa series has slightly different lighting. Your ES spa comes equipped with full chromatherapy lighting, while your GS Aspen includes mini-chromatherapy and the VS offers a programmable main LED light. The latter two spas can also be upgraded to include more lighting features.

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Bluetooth Stereos

You can upgrade your Aspen by adding pop-up speakers that are controlled with a simple finger tap on your smartphone or the topside touch controls. Unwind in your spa to your favorite music with the incredible sound from your waterproof speakers.

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Water Features & Chromatherapy Lighting

Water features in your new Aspen hot tub include massaging jets and an optional waterfall, combined with our chromatherapy lighting, offer soothing sounds and visuals. So let the jets work out all of your pain, watch as the waterfall cascades into your hot tub and become mesmerized by the chromatherapy lights, melting all of your stress away. Feature availability depends on spa model and series.

Incredible Colors

At Aspen Spas, you have the opportunity to choose the colors of the shell of your hot tub, as well as the cabinets and hot tub cover. With eight spa shell colors, four cabinet colors and three different hot tub cover colors, you have a vast variety of color combinations and possibilities. Choose from rich blues and sleek silvers, classic mahogany and cool greys, to make your Aspen your own.

Ultimate Upgrades

No soak in your hot tub is complete without the finer touches. Aspen Spas allows you the luxury of adding Bluetooth speakers to your hot tub so you can listen your favorite music or podcast, while in.Touch technology lets you control your hot tub straight from your smartphone. Our accessories mean you can truly relax and enjoy everything your hot tub has to offer.

in.touch Technology

Control the functions of your spa right from your smartphone. From changing its temperature to turning on your chromatherapy lights, all you need is a strong WiFi signal, your phone and the Gecko app.

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in.clear Technology

Keeping your spa water clean and clear is as easy as upgrading to in.clear technology. This programmable add-on not only sanitizes your water, it softens it and transforms your Aspen into a saltwater spa.

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Customize with Colors

With eight stunning spa shell choices, four beautiful cabinet options and two protective hard cover selections, you can choose colors that will make your Aspen fit in seamlessly with its surroundings.

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